How to become enlightened while breathing

De Magische Bongerd loves to introduce you to some of the wonderful, wild and creative minds of this era. Enjoy this guestblog by Wieneke Olthof

The space inbetween

Breathe in
Breathe out
Breathe in
Breathe out


There is an eternity between breathing in and breathing out,
There is silence,
There is space…

Easy, is to believe things are black and white,
The truth is, there is so much inbetween.



Wieneke Olthof is 25 and student of life. After a bachelor in Social-Environmental Studies she recently finished her training at Knowmads Business School for Changemakers. She and her business partner Gowoon Lim are presently starting their own company called Do Love Design (DLD). DLD offers appreciative communication for independent minds, in the form of branding processes for start-ups and individuals.

Wieneke’s blog, Wiener Ecke,  about life, about its dark side and its light sideIt’s full of interesting stories about writing, harvesting and empathic facilitation.

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