Rivers of energy, guided by choice

Where are you heading in the new year? What brings ohm your energy, what changes will you make, what chances will you take? We are proud to present this inspirational guestblog by a talented young poet, Wieneke Berthe Olthof.

Rivers of energy, guided by choice

By Wieneke Berthe Olthoff

I am a river, I have a river, and I’m surfing on it.
My river is called: life energy.

It goes exactly where it can go.
In between the dykes that I’ve built to shut certain places off,
And it meanders where it get’s all the space to dance freely.

Where it meanders, my river is playful, beautiful.
Creating unseen corners of mini ecosystems,
places where that one exact bird can survive the winter.

And those poor dykes, they have to resist crazy big forces.
Imagine this river, raging and roaring,
Hitting the same wall of grass and stone over and over.

Bam… Bamm…… Roar….

This is where I find my choice:
Do I keep that dyke strong?
Or do I let my river break through, and explore the land behind it?

Dutch. Energy. Work.
Water is our element.
We embrace it.
This is where I find my roots.



Wieneke Olthof is 25 and student of life. After a bachelor in Social-Environmental Studies she recently finished her training at Knowmads Business School for Changemakers. She and her business partner Gowoon Lim are presently starting their own company called Do Love Design (DLD). DLD offers appreciative communication for independent minds, in the form of branding processes for start-ups and individuals.

Wieneke’s blog, Wiener Ecke,  about life, about its dark side and its light sideIt’s full of interesting stories about writing, harvesting and empathic facilitation.

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